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   Brief list of Our Products:


MSR Electronic, Germany:

Gas Sensors, Detectors, Transmitters & Controllers For Toxic, Flammable Gases – For Safe, Hazardous Application (Zone 1, Zone 2, Group I, II A, IIB, IIC)
Toxic gases & flammable / combustible gases
Acetic Acid Ethylene / C2H4 JP8 Nitrogen Trifluoride Tetrahydrothiophene Ozone
Acetone Ethylene Oxide LPG n-Octane Toluene Petrol Vapors
Acetylene Fluorine / F2 Mercaptan / (Thiols) Nonane Trimethyl Amine Phosphine
Ammonia Formaldehyde / CH2O Methane n-Pentane Trimethyl Benzene Propane
Benzene Hydrazine / N2H4 Methanol Oxygen Xylene Propyl Alcohol
Carbon Dioxide  / CO2 Hydrogen / H2 n-Butane Iso Butane Ethane / C2H6 Propylene / Propene
Carbon Monoxide / CO Hydrogen Chloride n-Heptane Iso Butyl Alcohol Ethyl Acetate Silane
Chlorine / Cl2 Hydrogen Cyanide n-Hexane Iso Pentane Ethyl Alcohol Styrene
Chlorine Dioxide / ClO2 Hydrogen Fluoride Nitrogen Dioxide / NO2 Iso Propanol Alcohol Ethyl Mercaptan Sulfur Hexafluoride / SF6
Cyclopentane Hydrogen Sulphide Nitrogen Oxide / NO Iso Propyl Alcohol Sulphur Dioxide / SO2
Dinitrogen Oxide / N2O Carbon Dichloride Oxide / Phosgene Air Quality / Volatile Organic Compound /  VOC + CO2 Methyl Ethyl Ketone  / MEK / C4H8O Freon R134a, R22, R401a, R401b, R402a, R402b, R407c, R408a, R409a, R410a, R411a, R416a, R507 Refrigerant


Jola, Germany:

Mercury-Free Floating Switches – also Ex Version Electrode Controls – Also Ex Version Magnetic Switches
Float Switches  – also Ex Version Pump Control Systems Continuous Liquid Level Measurement
Magnetically Operated Float Switches Protection Relays and Alarm Relays Liquid Level Indicators
Immersion Probes – also Ex Version External-Mounting Limit Switches Continuous Liquid Level Indicators
Immersion Probes with Free Connecting Cable Level Indicators Liquid Level Transmitter for Continuous Level Measurement
Intrinsically Safe Protection Relays Level Controllers with Magnetic Switches Pressure Head Switch
Pump Control Systems Detection of oil on water Limit Switches
Conductive Leakage Detectors – Also Ex Version Instruments for the Detection of Moisture on Cooling Ceiling and for Cooling Ceiling Control (for datacenters, telecom centers) Immersion Probes with Potential-Free relay-contact
Capacitive Leakage Detectors for Conductive (e.g. water) and Non-Conductive Liquids (e.g. Oil, diesel, hydrocarbons) – Also Ex Version Level Controllers on the Air Bubble Injection Principle


Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Germany:

Pressure Gauge, Transmitter, Switch air, gas, liquid, corrosive also Ex Version
Differential Pressure Gauge, Transmitter, Switch air, gas, liquid, corrosive also Ex Version
Temperature Thermocouple, Switch, Transmitter air, gas, liquid, corrosive also Ex Version
Control Valve air, gas, liquid, corrosive also Ex Version
Level Switch, Transmitter, Indicator air, gas, liquid, corrosive also Ex Version
Flow monitor Switch, transmitter Non- aggressive, aggressive media also Ex version

Frakta (Joventa), Germany:

Electric Actuator  2-, 3- point, 2-32, 64 Nm torque range
Non Spring Back, Modulating
Spring Return, Spring Return Modulating
Smoke Damper Actuator, Fire Damper Actuator
Part Turn Actuator, Control Actuator
Valve Actuator Electric Actuator
Modulating Valve Actuator, Control Valve Actuator
Comarline Modulating Valve
Valves Ball Valves, Butterfly Valve, Male Threaded Valves, Mixing Valves

Beck Sensor, Germany:

Pressure Switch, Transmitter, Manometer
 Differential Pressure Air, Gas Also Ex Version
Overpressure Air, Gas Also Ex Version
 Vacuum Pressure Air, Gas Also Ex Version

Greisinger Electronic GmbH, Germany:

Handheld instruments Digital indicators Controller Transmitter
Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature
Humidity Pressure Standard Signals Humidity
Material Moisture Standard Signals Differential Controller Humidity / Temperature
Pressure Frequency Frequency Pressure
pH / Redox Universal Input Universal Input pH / Redox
Conductivity Counter Counter Conductivity
CO (Carbon Monoxide) Data logger EASYBUS Flow, Flow Rate
O2 Oxygen (Air) Temperature Universal Input
O2 Oxygen (Water) Humidity Rotational Speed
Flow Climate
Sound Level Impulse
Operating State
USB Stick Format
Level Controller

Other products:

Gas Filter Double Automatic Normally Closed Solenoid Valve for Gas
Gas Pressure Regulator and Filter Regulator Automatic Normally Closed Solenoid Valve for Gas
Closing Regulator with Maximum / Minimum Shut Type Normally Closed / Open Manual Reset Solenoid Valve for Gas
Solenoid Valves with Remote Control Gas, Oil and Naphtha Interception Solenoid Valves – Gas, Oil And Naphtha
Motorized Throttle Valves Gas, Gas Oil and Naphtha Jerk Handle On/Off Valves
Solenoid Valves with Seismic Sensor Safety Valves (Shut Off Valves, Relief Valves, Etc.) for Gas
Relief Valves Type Automatic Relief Solenoid Valves Type


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