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Hydrogen / Flammable Gas monitoring system in battery, inverter charging room – to prevent explosion

ALVI Automation also trading as GasAlarm in association with ALVI Technologies Sydney Australia brings to you complete Automation solution along with the best selling product in terms of quality and reliability MSR GmbH Hydrogen sensor transmitter.

Hydrogen sensor transmitter specifications:

  • Should have Catalytic (pellistor) based sensor cell, with catalytic bead
  • Should have a measuring range of minimum 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit) for flammability monitoring, with no poisoning effect of background gases
  • Should have a catalyst capable of providing flashing point, at a lower temperature, for the sensor cell.
  • Should have microprocessor-based value processing with temperature, vibration, moisture, humidity etc compensation reading
  • Should have high accuracy, high repeatability, high reliability
  • Should be a 3-wire connection for power supply and signal output.
  • Should have jumper selectable analog output: 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  • Should have linear and proportional signal output.
  • Should have low response time: t50 < 3 s; t90 < 10 s /methane
  • Should have Low voltage operation: 24V AC / DC
  • Should have low power consumption: 35 mA, max. (0.85 VA)
  • Should be wall mountable without need of further mounting brackets etc.
  • Should have replaceable sensor cell and PCB for easy service and replacement
  • Should have life expectancy of > 3 years, replaceable sensor cell
  • Should capable of mounting in any direction, with no effect on performance, output and life of these sensors (no orientation problems)
  • Should have poisoning protection, against background gases, lead vapours, dust etc
  • Should have overflooding protection
  • Should have reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Should capable for field calibration
  • Should have minimum IP65 protection
  • Should have vibration protection (High frequency, low amplitude) and knock protection (high amplitude, low frequency)
  • Should have fast response time
  • Should have IMMUNITY TO RF/FM INTERFERENCE as per the guidelines of EMC- Directive 2004/ 108/ EEC
  • Should be Approved according to EN 61010-1; ANSI/UL 61010 1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • Should have Digital method  for calibration
  • Should have enclosure flammability in accordance to UL 94 V2

Smart Central monitoring cum control system:


  • Should be based on PLC or microprocessor based system with pre-defined logic retention capacity.
  • Should have LCD Display
  • Should be able to expand analog input channel with help of slave or expansion module. No need to replace or change whole monitoring system
  • should have free configurable set points at every channel input
  • Should have the facility to temporary disable any channel with a key press, for maintenance mode etc.
  • Should have sufficient potential free (230VAC, 5A) relays. Should able to expand the number of relays with help of slave/expansion modules.
  • Relays should capable of the soft program, with one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one configuration with any channel set-points.
  • Should be provided with contactor arrangement for operation, protection of exhaust fans, etc
  • Should have overload protection arrangement
  • Should have fault LED
  • Auto-diagnostic watchdog with built-in error code, fault LED indication informing about the type of system error/fault
  • Should have a password for protection against any unauthorized system access.
  • Simple English Menu driven (system error, status alarm, status relay, MP parameter etc)
  • Configurable relay parameters: energized, de-energized, latching, non-latching
  • Should have provision/option for BMS integration via a digital network.

Control & warning logic:

H2 concentration


0-15% LEL

No action. Display readout

>25% LEL (or as advised by the client)

Start exhaust system (to reduce gas concentration)

> 50% LEL (or as advised by the client)

Switch on Flasher & Alarm system (to start evacuation)

For more details please contact us or mail us at info@alviautomation.com 

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