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MSR Electronics GasAlarm Systems - India

We take pride in providing total process engineering solutions with a strong focus on customer service and OH&S policies. Your one stop solution for environmental pollution monitoring instruments, process monitoring and keeping your workplace safe.

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BECK differential pressure transmitter for air

To measure differential pressure, over pressure and vacuum pressure, dual pressure range jumper selectable; 0-10V / 4-20mA output, with/without display for Non hazardous, safe area

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FISCHER Differential Pressure Gauge / Differential Pressure Gauge and Switch

With / without Adjustable limit contacts, with / without Proximity type non-contact limit detector; with / without Pointer position transducer with electrical signal output for Explosive, hazardous Areas, ATEX, SIL2

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JOVENTA SPECIAL electric damper-actuator

The JOVENTA SPECIAL electric damper-actuator series is designed to operate air dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems. The compact design and universal adapter fitted with limitation of rotation angle make this JOVENTA actuator highly versatile.

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MSR MC2 carbon monoxide sensor transmitter

This sensor unit MC2 houses a module with micro-controller , analog output and power supply in addition to the electrochemical sensor element including amplifier.

GasAlarm Systems- India

PNG Gas Detector in PPM and LEL sensor transmitter


PNG (natural gas, Methane, LNG) sensor transmitter for online, continuous LEL / flammability or leakage detection in ambient air or ducts.
The detector is explosion proof IECEX, ATEX certified with SIL 2 safety level and suitable for installation in hazardous area […]

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Early Fire Monitoring for Coal Stockpile / Coal Conveyor Belt Entries

CO – Spontaneous Combustion of Coal Fire Monitoring :- COAL BASED POWER PLANTS (coal handling, coal processing):
Coal based power stations are facing increased expenditure for the green house gas saving programmes and increased liability insurance premiums for fires/explosions. Each year millions […]

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CO2 infrared sensor for dispensing and refrigeration systems

We are pleased to offer CO2 Sensor Transmitter for Refrigeration Systems in India.
Exchangeable sensor including digital value processing, temperature compensation and self control for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect CO2.
The sensor cartridge SC2 includes a CO2 […]

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2-POINT Spring-Return Joventa/Frakta Electric Damper Actuator

The JOVENTA SPRINGBACK electric, spring return damper-actuator series has been specially developed for the motorized operation of safety air dampers (anti-icing) in air conditioning systems, smoke evacuation dampers and sealing dampers. When the control signal is applied the actuator drives […]

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Hydrogen Gas Detectors (German Quality)

Hydrogen sensor transmitter for online, continuous LEL or flammability detection in battery rooms, UPS rooms, cracking plants, hydrogenation plants, hydrogen gas bank etc. The detector is explosion proof ATEX, IECEX certified with SIL 2 safety level and suitable for installation […]

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Formaldehyde Sensor Transmitter

LPG Detector – Liquified Petroleum Gas Leak Detection Systems

GasAlarm India pleased to offer LPG sensor transmitter / detector/ analyser in association with ALVI Technologies- Australia &  MSR Germany with following features:

Measuring range: 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit), 0-100% Vol (analysis)
Technology: Pellistor / catalytic bead (flammability monitoring), Infra-red
Output: 4-20mA, […]

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor/Detector and Transmitter For Ventilation Control

Make :- MSR Germany
Area Of Application:-   
MSR Germany Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor, Detectors and Transmitters save energy costs by controlling ventilation equipment (Fan) in areas where high concentrations of CO may present serious health problems.  Various building and occupancy codes require […]

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Flame Detector : With Analog Output

Gas Alarm India in association with  Gas Alarm – Australia takes pride to introduce flame detector in India.
Sensor/ Detector / transmitters / ANALYZER / MONITORING for explosion proof hazardous area (zone 1, 2)
Detector / transmitters / ANALYZER / MONITORING for explosion […]

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GasAlarm (www.gasalarm.co.in) is Restructured as ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd (www.alviautomation.com) under Australasian strategy

Please note the company GasAlarm (www.gasalarm.co.in) has been restructured under Australasian strategy with new company ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd(www.alviautomation.com) (Please refrain from dealing with Vinod Gogoriya who is no longer associated with our new company). This company from now […]

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Portable Gas Measuring Device incl. Datalogger Series ADL-X1-11XX for Toxic Gases.

GAS Alarm – India in association with GasAlarm  – Australia we are pleased to offer you portable Gas measuring Device including Datalogger for Toxic and combustible Gases .
Portable gas measuring device with integrated datalogger for the continuous monitoring of the ambient […]

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