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Refrigerant Gas Leak Sensor Transmitter

We are pleased to introduce our one of best Refrigerant Sensor Transmitter R-32, R-22, R-125a, R-450a, R-404a, R-410a R23, R-508b, R-1234, R-452a, R-513a, and so on for more technical  details, datasheet and Refrigerants Sensor Transmitter  Please  Click  Here 

For any supermarket, food retailing and […]

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Actuators Security Fire, SFL Actuator, Joventa, SFL1.90

We GasAlarm Systems India Trading as  ALVI Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd the perfect partner or can say authorized distributor of Joventa/Frakta electric fire security actuator (SER1.90 / 12, SFR1.90/12 ) in India and Australia. 

Joventa Germany  Fire Damper Actuator is one of the best […]

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Combustible/Explosive Gas Leak Detector

Combustible/Explosive Gas Leak Detector

Everyday we come across the news of hazardous fire incident take place in commercial sector i.e in Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Agencies, Gas Bank, Battery Room, Oil and Gas Industries and this horrible  incident takes place due to the leakage […]

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PNG Gas Leak Detector for Kitchen Room Application

PNG (Methane), chemically known as CH4 is highly flammable, lightweight gas with LEL at 5% Vol = 100% LEL.
Methane gas detector series is highly robust, industrial grade, flameproof or explosion proof gas detector for methane leakage detection or LEL monitoring. Methane […]

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3 in 1 PM2.5, Temp and Rh Air quality monitor

Particulate matter (PM) is a particle pollution, which is produced in a great number of ways that can be classified into either mechanical or chemical processes. Traditionally, the environmental sciences have divided particles
into two main groups PM10 and PM2.5. PM10 […]

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