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Welcome to GasAlarm Systems - India


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"Gas Alarm Systems-India a Div of ALVI Automation (india) Pvt Ltd which is a subsidiary of ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd is proud partner and representative of German companies like MSR Electronic, Joventa, Jola, Fischer, Beck Sensors, MSR Traffic for India.  Our products comply in accordance with international norms like CE, UL/FM, IEC-EX certified etc. Explosion-proof products are ATEX and SIL2 certified"




Gas Alarm supplies products of the highest standards to effectively monitor & control Toxic, Combustible, Flammable, Hydrocarbons, Refrigerant Gases!


We take pride in providing total process engineering solutions with a strong focus on customer service and OH&S policies. Your one stop solution for environmental pollution monitoring instruments, process monitoring and most important of all keeping humans and plants safe!

Latest Products


MSR PolyXeta 2 Sensor transmitter for Toxic and Hazardous Oil/gas Industries
PolyGard® Digital Gas Controller Module GC-05 RS-485 Bus
μ-gard® Analog CO Transmitter (2-In-1) for Carbon Monoxide with enhanced CO radical detection capability.
MSR MC2 Sensor Transmitter for Toxic/Combustible Gases

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